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          FSK-Foil Scrim Kraft

          Structure: 7um aluminum foil + Kraft paper + 3 way Scrim + aluminum foil

          Product Description

          A utility grade Heat-sealing Foil-Scrim-Kraft facing with 2-way and 50GSM kraft as well as thickened heat-activated polyethylene on its back. 
          No need applying extra adhesive. Good corrosion resistance. 

          Facing Composition: 
          Composition Description Value(English) Value(Metric) 
          Foil Aluminum 0.28mil 7 micron 
          Reinfocing-MD Fiberglass 1/2 inch spacing 12.5mm spacing 
          Reinfocing-XD Fiberglass 1/3 inch spacing 12.5mm spacing 
          Adhesive Polyethylene 
          Kraft Natural 30ibs/3000ft2 50GSM 
          Heat-Activated Coating Polyethylene 1 mil 25micron 
          Typical Physical Properties: 
          Physical Properties Test Method Value(English) Value(Metric) 
          Basis weight Scale 20.8 ibs/1000ft2 102GSM 

          Usage: It can be widely used in building, roof, out of wall, waterproof, reinforced material, steel structure, coating with fibreglass wool, rock wool & so on.

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