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          Perforated Radiant Barrier - Foil Version

          Structure: Aluminum Foil + Polyethylene Woven + Aluminum Foil
          Width: 1.22M or 48inch
          Max width: 1.5M 
          Perforated or Solid are available !

          Product Description

          For new or retrofit (industrial grade) house-wrap, roofing systems, radiant heat flooring, and OEM's when a stronger grade is needed. Available in 500 and 1,000 sq. ft. rolls or custom lengths. Also comes in perforated 4' widths.

          Radiant Barrier is construction / industrial grade reflective insulation, and is available in 500 and 1,000 Sq. Ft. Rolls, 4' widths.

          Radiant barrier has been designed to be used for new or retrofit (industrial grade) applications. It can be wrapped around a structure, just under the brick or outer material. It can be placed over the rafters just before roofing materials are applied, or stapled to the roof rafters inside of the attic. It is also beneficial for radiant heat flooring, commercial, industrial, and OEM’s when a stronger grade is needed.

          Key Benefits
          • Meets new ASTM E84 and E2599 fire code
          • 97% Reflectivity
          • Clean, Lightweight, Very Strong
          • Saves Money and Energy

                Radiant Barrier also provides these important advantages:

          • Non-toxic/Non-carcinogenic
          • Easy to handle
          • Installation requires no special tools or clothing
          • Does not promote the growth of fungi or bacteria
          • Provides no nest support for rodent or insect pests
          • Requires no maintenance
          No. Test Item Unit  Test Result 
          1  Tensile Strength  N/50mm  740
          2  Breaking Elongation  %  16.5
          3  Peeling Strength  N/30mm  2.73
          4  Reflectivity  %  96%
          5  Anti Corrosion    Pass
          6 Roll size  1.2*50M/roll, 4'*250'/roll  
          7 Packing  Polybag Per Roll
          8 MOQ 5000meters

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