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            Zhejiang Pengyuan New Material Co.,Ltd. is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, which is known as "paradise on earth". Founded in 2004, it takes advantages of superiority in intellectual resources, technology and economy of Yangtze River Delta. Our company is an all-round manufacturing enterprise with building thermal insulation material, metallised film, medical packaging material and products, food packaging material and products, specialty paper, woven fabrics and products, import and export trading.
            Zhejiang Pengyuan has 3 subsidiaries:
                    Hangzhou Pengshuo Import and Export Co., Ltd,
                    Changzhou Lianke Chuangjia composited material Co., Ltd
                    Hangzhou Pengbo Packaging Material Co.,Ltd.

            Zhejiang Pengyuan New Material Co., Ltd is listed into the National Torch Plan Industrialization Projects, Zhejiang Science and Technology Enterprise, the AAA Grade Enterprise. Complete industrial chain gives us advantages in effective Corp management, product quality controlling and new product development. Our company strictly controls the quality in accordance with the ISO9001:2008 and the ISO14001:2004 standard. As an enterprise intends to become a multinational corporation of high technology and set up a famous international brand, we set up a R&D Center together with Zhejiang University to develop new skills and products. We've already got 27 utility model patents, 1 invention patent. "PENGYUAN" is becoming a famous brand. Our company has 5 advanced production lines of lamination. Our annual output is more than 10000 tons and the yearly turnover is over 40 millions US dollars. Our main products include
                    Metallised Film - VMPET, VMOPP, VMCPP ...
                    Radiant Barrier(Alu Foil/MPET Woven)

                    Poly Foam Foil Thermal Insulation
                    Bubble Foil/MPET Heat Insulation Materials
                    FSK Insulation Aluminum Foil Adhesive Tape
                    Composite Reflective Material
                    Packaging Material
                    Fire-Retardant Insulation Material
            Zhejiang Pengyuan New Material Co., Ltd will insist in providing high quality products and best service to all the customers. We wish to develop long term stable cooperative business relations with clients from different circles.


            About Us
            Contact Us


                   No.2183 Moganshan Rd,
                   Hangzhou 311113, China


                   +86 (0) 571 88330850


                   +86 (0) 571-88330383



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