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            Foil Woven Insulation
            Features :

            1. Achieves thermal break and high R-Value performance reflecting up 97% of radiant heat flow
            2. Exceptional fire safety qualities including safe fire retardant additives and non-dripping technology
            3. Significantly lowers the use of mechanical cooling and heating in buildings
            4. Safe to handle, quick and easy installation
            5. Water proof, no moisture retention, no fungi or bacterial growth and fiber free
            6. Glue free manufacturing process, avoiding ozone depleting substances
            7. Solid version qualifies as an air and moisture barrier


            Applications :

            Attic Insulation 

            Stop unwanted heat from entering your home through your roof by installing radiant barrier insulation in your attic
            Roof Insulation
            Radiant barrier provides a thermal block and a first line of defense against the heat of sun entering home’s attic. It keeps attic much cooler
            Laminating with other materials
            To make other insulation materials, like bubble foil or foam foil products


            Item. Structure
            AWE112  0.007mm Aluminum Foil/ PE/ PE Woven/ PE
            MW95  0.012mm Metallized PET Film/ PE/ PE Woven
            MWE110  0.012mm Metallized PET Film/ PE/ PE Woven/PE
            AWA134  0.007mm Aluminum Foil/ PE Woven/ 0.007mm Aluminum Foil
            AWM132  0.007mm Aluminum Foil / PE Woven/ 0.012mm Metallized PET Film
            MWM130  0.012mm Metallized PET Film/ PE Woven/0.012mm Metallized PET Film
            AFWE128  0.007mm Aluminum Foil/ Fireproof PE Woven/ PE
            AG-AFWE138  Green treatment/ 0.007mm Aluminum Foil/ Fireproof PE Woven/ PE
            AWA134-PERF  Perforated 0.007mm Aluminum Foil/ PE Woven/ 0.007mm Aluminum Foil

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