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            Foil Bubble



            1. Clean, light weight, easy to handle
            2. High R-Value performance, reflecting up to 97% of radiant heat
            3. Effective means of temperature control in a wide variety of application
            4. easy to install. Just roll the insulation out and staple into place
            5. Waterproof and non-absorbent; Does not promote growth of mold or fungi
            6. Exceptional fire safety qualities including safe fire retardant additives and non-dripping technology
            Maximize heating system efficiency by redirecting heat toward its source


            Attic Insulation 
            Stop unwanted  heat from entering your home through your roof by installing bubble foil insulation in your attic

            Stud Wall Insulation
            It is unaffected by humidity and moisture making it safer and more effective than mass insulation alone. The polyethylene bubbles create a thermal break while the 99% foil exterior provides protection against radiant heat transfer.

            Under Concrete & Radiant Heat Floor Insulation
            It provides a radiant heat barrier that keeps your concrete from becoming cool. Its design has two layers of bubble with our 97% reflective foil barrier sandwiched between. This configuration prevents the foil from becoming corroded from the concrete's touch.

            Item Structure
            AB          Aluminum Foil/ Bubble
            ABBA          Aluminum Foil/ Bubble/ Bubble/ Aluminum Foil
            AWBA          Aluminum Foil/ PE Woven/ Bubble/ Aluminum Foil
            AWBWA          Aluminum Foil/ PE Woven/ Bubble/ Woven/ Aluminum Foil
            AWBE          Aluminum Foil / PE Woven/ Bubble / White PE
            AG-ABA          Antiglare Aluminum Foil / Bubble / Aluminum Foil

            Note: 1)Various Bubble Specification Available: 10x2.5/ 3/ 4mm , 20x7/ 8mm and etc
                       2)The Aluminum Foil here refers to:  AL/PE or AL/ PET/ PE
                       3)Our bubble foil products satisfy different fire-retardant standards per request

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