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            Foil XPE Insulation


            1. Clean, light weight, easy to handle
            2. High R-Value performance, reflecting up to 97% of radiant heat
            3. Effective means of temperature control in a wide variety of application
            4. easy to install. Just roll the insulation out and staple into place
            5. Waterproof and non-absorbent; Does not promote growth of mold or fungi
            6. Exceptional fire safety qualities including safe fire retardant additives and non-dripping technology
            Maximize heating system efficiency by redirecting heat toward its source


            Crawl Space Insulation
            Installing it in the crawl spaces will keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in summer.

            Wall Insulation
            Keep your home comfortable and energy efficient by installing the foil foam products

            Roof Insulation
            It provides a thermal block and a first line of defense against the heat of sun entering home’s attic.

            Ice Bag Material etc.

            Item Structure
            AO  0.007mm Aluminum Foil/ PE/ PE Foam
            AOA  0.007mm Aluminum Foil/ PE Foam/ 0.007mm Aluminum Foil
            AOW  0.007mm Aluminum Foil/ PE Foam/ PE Woven
            AG-AWOA  Antiglare 0.007mm Aluminum Foil/ PE Woven/ PE Foam/ 0.007mm Aluminum
            MO  0.012mm Metallized PET/ PE Foam
            MOM  0.012mm Metallized PET/ PE Foam/0.012mm Metallized PET
            MWOM  0.012mm Metallized PET/ PE Woven/ PE Foam/ 0.012mm Metallized PET

            Note:1)The foam here includes EPE, XPE, IXPE, etc.
                         2)The thickness of foam is per customers' request,  typical 0.5-10mm
                         3)Our products meets various Fire Retardant Standard per request

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